Health Care

ILDVR products can solve many of the unique challenges in the health care industry. No matter you are a small clinic, or a hospital with multiple facilities, ILDVR has a surveillance solution for you.


ILDVR megapixel cameras has realistic color reproduction and superior image quality, all without overwhelming existing network. You can also choose from Ultra HD cameras with H.265 compression technology, which delivers 4K video with unparalleled image details. Our motorized varifocal cameras and low speed PTZ can help you make the most out of your budget, which will allow you to zoom in at any time for a closer look.

Storage & Maintenance

ILDVR's InVS is the most powerful Intelligent Network Video Server system in the industry. Based on Linux, InVS can achieve a recording throughput of 512Mbps per second, combined with hot-swappable hard drives, we can help reduce the burden of installation and maintenance.

Our software are intuitive and easy-to-use, when used together with Video Analytics, you can increase operational efficiency and reduce training costs. Our software system supports both analog and IP surveillance system, so you can easily upgrade or expand based on your budget and resources.