Surveillance is integral to the retail sector. A good surveillance system should help prevent shoplifting, cash registry theft, and false liability claims. In addition, by deploying Video Analytics, surveillance systems can provide valuable business intelligence.

Flexible Deployment

ILDVR offers economical standalone NVR kits, Intelligent Network Video Server (InVS) for managing multiple NVRs, and Hybrid DVR Software that runs on any Windows computers. There is also web-based access portal and smartphone apps so you can control your system from anywhere with an internet connection.

ILDVR megapixel cameras delivers superior images day and night, without overwhelming the network. Reduce upgrade costs by choosing Analog HD cameras that works with coaxial cables. Need to oversee a large area? Our fisheye IP cameras deliver panoramic view without overwhelming the network. You can also choose from Ultra HD cameras with H.265 compression technology.

Analytics & Storage

ILDVR InVS comes with many video analysis algorithms to supercharge your security system. Detect intruders, count visitors, check for missing or unattended objects, detect and capture faces, and even inspect movement direction. When accidents occur, the last thing you want to do is wasting time looking for that video clip. InVS Smart Search works with motion detection and video analysis results. Since you are consulting an indexed video archive, searching is much faster and easier.

POS Integration

By choosing InVS or Hybrid DVR software, we can ensure seamless integration with your existing POS system.

Our POS surveillance system uses video text overlay technology to remotely monitor cashier areas, associate POS/cash register transaction data with videos, store transactions for retroactive analysis, monitor events, and output alarms for emergency situations. One server can support up to 32 POS machines.