Founded in 2001, ILDVR Digital Technology has been using H.264 compression technology to develop IP surveillance system for over 17 years. Since the arrival of H.265, ILDVR has launched series H.265-ready product lines including InVS, IP cameras, and IP speed dome. Our complete product lines include 1) Video Recording: InVS (Linux), HVR (Windows) and NVR (Embedded). 2) Video Management: InCS (Linux), Live Center (Windows) and CMS (Windows). 3) Video output TV-wall: IP Matrix (Both Linux and Windows). 4) IP camera and IP Speed Dome. 5)Analog HD DVR and Analog HD cameras. ILDVR hardware and software solutions cover residence usage, small and mid-size business usage and large scale surveillance system.

ILDVR is dedicated to providing a stable and high-performance digital surveillance system for every customer. All products that we offer have obtained either FCC (CE) or UL certificate.

We have provided more than 500,000 DVR system for global market in 100+ countries. They are widely used in retail, industry, education, casino, hospital, government, communication and transportation.

We provide an unsurpassed level of customer service to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Our expert sales staff are technically trained and continuously updated on product information in order to provide you with the correct and most current solutions for your requirements. Every product we consider for our catalog is tested and checked by our in-house technicians for excellent performance and quality. With the best staff and the most modern technology, we continue to stay ahead of the others. With our successful track record in our overseas markets, it’s no reason why so many turn to ILDVR for their security needs.