InVS and InCS Upgrade File

Download upgrade files for InVS/InCS. Copy onto USB flash drive to perform upgrade.

Operation steps to upgrade software:

  1. If the download file is ._zip format, you don't need unzip it. If the downloaded file is .rar file, please unzip the downloaded file from .rar format to ._zip format, copy the extracted file to a USB flash drive.
  2. Plug in the USB to a USB port of InVS/InCS machine.
  3. Power on or Reboot (if running) InVS system. InVS will auto detect the upgrade file while boot up and display dialog information. Please follow the screen to operate.
  4. InVS will automatically reboot after upgrade (not every time upgrade).

For your attention: Face Recognition function need InVS_OS4.7.2 to support, if your InVS is early version (OS4.4 and OS_v3.11 or other earlier version), please download iso file to restore InVS to OS4.7.2. Then upgrade InVS files one by one from the list.

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