ILDVR Intelligent Surveillance System Solutions Overview

Video Analytics is the cornerstone of next generation video surveillance systems. It allows you to invest only once in a surveillance system, and reap a multitude of benefits for years to come. Surveillance systems that rely on a staff of operators can only perform limited tasks, in addition to ongoing costs. In contrast, Video Analytics delivers more value at much lower costs.

Video Analytics enhances video surveillance systems by performing the tasks of real-time event detection, post-event analysis and extraction of statistical data with minimal or no supervision from operators, thus increasing the overall efficiency of surveillance system operation.

Video Analytics is an ideal solution that meets the needs of surveillance system operators, security officers, and corporate managers, as they seek to make practical and effective use of their surveillance systems.

What is Video Analytics Used For?

Video Analytics for Real-Time Detections & Alerts

Through various image processing algorithms, Video Analytics can detect a variety of events, in real-time, such as:

  • Penetration of unauthorized people / vehicles into restricted areas
  • Tailgating of people / vehicles through secure checkpoints
  • Traffic obstacles
  • Unattended objects
  • Vehicles stopped in no-parking zones, highways or roads
  • Removal of assets
  • Crowding or grouping
  • Loitering
  • And more

By defining the set of events that the surveillance system operator wants to be alerted to, the Video Analytics software continuously analyzes video in real-time and provides immediate alerts upon detection of a relevant event according to the definitions and preferences of the operator.

Video Analytics for Investigation (Video Search)

Video Analytics algorithms may be implemented to analyze recorded video, a task that is challenging and time consuming for a human operator, especially when a large amount of video must be reviewed. Through rapid analysis of recorded video, Video Analytics can pinpoint an event in recorded video, and retrieve the relevant video segment from the stored video.

Through the use of search queries, the surveillance system operator defines the event desired in a specific segment of recorded video. The Video Analytics system analyzes the video and provides the search results through an automated search, without requiring any additional intervention from the operator.

ILDVR intelligent surveillance system can analyze recorded video and present results in seconds. Various options are available to view the search results, including via thumbnails with option to playback the video of the search results, video summary in order to quickly review all search results, motion path analysis for graphical presentation of all motion paths and more.

Video Analytics for Business Intelligence

Video Analytics algorithms can also analyze recorded video to extract statistical and operational data. Rather than having an operator manually review the video and tally all the people or cars moving in a certain area, or checking which traffic routes are most commonly taken, Video Analytics can perform these tasks automatically.

The surveillance system operator defines the data required as well as the time period to be analyzed, and the Video Analytics system provides results following an automatic review of the recorded video. No manual review is required by the operator. ILDVR intelligent surveillance system can analyze recorded video to perform a variety of statistical analysis tasks relating to people and vehicles. This valuable statistical information can be viewed in multiple formats, including numerical charts, graphs, motion paths, heat maps and more. Such data provides valuable business intelligence in an instant, allowing organizations to leverage their surveillance systems and make the most of their recorded video.