More and more businesses, financial institutions, and media organizations are securing their premises and facilities with video analytics to ensure a safer environment for all. By deploying an intelligent surveillance infrastructure, Video Analytics can solve a variety of problems, including awareness of perimeter and other security breaches, protection of physical and intellectual property, post-event analysis and understanding of safety risks.


Choose from our wide range of face capture cameras and high speed PTZ to ensure complete coverage in all possible scenarios.

For capturing traffic, ILDVR offers ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras and high speed ANPR PTZ with Darkfighter Technology. Our ANPR cameras can record traffic from both directions and from multiple lanes in HD resolution, day and night. Less populated area can benefit by choosing auto-tracking high speed PTZ. With 8 megapixel resolution, you can identify faces and license plates from more than 200m (600ft) away.

Analytics & Monitoring

Let Video Analytics algorithms do the work. Setup it once and you can easily pinpoint desired event in recorded video, or retrieve the relevant video segment from the video archive.

Video Analytics help reduce the cost of monitoring by performing real-time detection of perimeter intrusion and security zone breaches. Setup criteria of the alarm, and security personnel will be automatically alerted when the criteria are met.

For monitoring, ILDVR offers dedicated TV-Wall controller that can output to 16 monitors. Or you can setup workstations that runs ILDVR SigmaLink software.

Storage & Maintenance

ILDVR's Sigma is a powerful Intelligent Network Video Server system in the industry. Based on Windows or Linux (optional), Sigma can achieve a recording throughput of 512Mbps per second, combined with hot-swappable hard drives, we can help reduce the burden of installation and maintenance.

Our software are intuitive and easy-to-use, when used together with Face Capture cameras, you can increase operational efficiency and reduce training costs.