Smart&Safe Campus Solution

ILDVR AI deep learning products are well suited to serving educational institutions and facilities. Face recognition camera help ensure student safety and reduce incidents while keeping operational costs down by deploying Video Analytics. Our Intelligent Network Video Server delivers quick setup, connected monitoring, and advanced video analytics. Combined with our wide range of megapixel cameras, you can rest assured that the campus is prepared for all situations.

Setup remote workstations or monitor on the go with a smartphone, ILDVR Sigma NVR system works for both small and large campuses. Need to oversee a large area? Choose our face capture PTZ camera to increase coverage area.

Setup it once and you can easily pinpoint desired event in recorded video, or retrieve the relevant video segment from the video archive. Video Analytics help reduce the cost of monitoring by performing real-time detection of perimeter intrusion and security zone breaches. Setup criteria of the alarm, and security personnel will be automatically alerted when the criteria are met.

Our software are intuitive and easy-to-use, when used together with AI deep learning face recognition camera, you can increase operational efficiency and reduce training costs.