Residential Security Solution

Today most people are accustomed to having video surveillance system in their homes that keeps video recordings of everything happening on your property. Whenever you need to, you can access this video footage to watch what has happened in front of the cameras in the past. You have these cameras in your home for post-protection - meaning you want to be able to use your recordings to identify an antagonist and use the recordings as evidence of this person's wrong-doing against you. But these recordings can only help you after the incident, not during! And you might spend a lot of precious time or resources to find out your evidence. Is there a better way to do it?

What if you have a smart surveillance system to report you if it spots a home invader in your yard or a suspect illegally coming onto your company premises, will that make a difference? This is all about what Face Recognition Surveillance technology is. Instead of using video surveillance to protect yourself after the incident has taken place, Face Recognition Surveillance can help prevent your antagonist from completing their wrong deeds in the place - saving you and your company from wasting precious time and resources on post-incident review and hassles.

Capture, Matching, Alarm Push

Equipped with AI deep learning face recognition technology, ILDVR HVC system will continuously analyze the live video stream from your strategically mounted cameras, detect and track the faces when they are moving towards the camera, and match the Face to those in the Black List, a list of people you do not want on your property, until it finds the persons on that Black List. HVC can instantly sound alert and push notification to mobile devices.