Certificate of Authenticity

To help prevent counterfeit ILDVR products being sold as authentic ILDVR products, and to further protect our customer's best interests, starting 2012, ILDVR will begin placing Certificate of Authenticity (COA) labels on our products.

Meanwhile, you can utilize this Verification site to verify the authenticity of the product in your possession.

The Certificate of Authenticity (COA):

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is a label to help you and your customers identify genuine ILDVR software. Without it, your customers will not have a legal license to use their products with ILDVR software.


  • The COA has full adhesive across the back.
  • The COA label is made of tamper-evident material. It will be damaged if forcibly removed.
  • The COA features a single security thread in the left position, which glows under UV light.
  • The COA contains microprint that is legible when viewed under a magnifying lens.


Individual ILDVR software licenses are distributed with the following:

  • Hardware Product
  • Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label
  • Software CD and User Manual
  • Software License Terms*

*Note: The Software License Terms can typically be found within the software.

Counterfeit Protection

Be wary of stand-alone COAs, they most likely to be fake. If you fall victim to stand-alone COAs, you will have wasted money and your customers will still not have any legal licenses. You should always purchase ILDVR products and software through a ILDVR authorized distributer.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Act of 2003 (U.S. only), passed on December 24, 2004, makes it a criminal offense to distribute stand-alone COA labels. There is now a significant legal risk for dishonest resellers to illegally deal in stand-alone COAs.