Android/iOS app for INC-M Series

Android/iOS App

Search for Danale in the app store for your device (e.g. Google Play for Android). Install onto your smartphone or tablet.

Add Camera into Smartphone App

Using a browser, visit the camera and navigate to P2P setting page by going to Config > Network Settings > Mobile. Keep this page open because you will need to scan the QR code that is displayed here.

Open Danale app on your smartphone. You may need to create an account or login. After logging in, go to the Video tab to see your list of cameras. Tap on the plus button on the top right corner to add a camera.

You will be prompted to scan the QR code using your smartphone's camera. Once QR code is successfully scanned, it will show up in your list of cameras. Next time when you login using your account, it will still be there.

If for some reason the QR code cannot be scanned, tap on the pencil icon to manually enter the device ID.