How to add new server in InVS Client app?

Note: To get the app, please search for "invs" in the app store for your device (e.g. Google Play).

For InVS Client Version 1.2

There are two ways to realize remote connection:

  1. Port forwarding via port 5100
  2. P2P firewall penetration

P2P Firewall Penetration

First ensure your InVS is connected to the internet. Go to System Settings > Network Setting > P2P Setting, in this settings page you will find the QR code and other remote connection info. Enable P2P if it's not enabled. then Apply&Save changes.

Open "InVS Client" on your phone. Tap on Manage Servers (or Device manage). Tap on the plus button to add a server. Note that Android users need to press the menu button to bring up the Add button.

Choose P2P for server type. You will be brought to camera view to scan the QR code. If QR code can be successfully scanned, all necessary connection info will be filled out using QR code, otherwise, you can manually enter remote connection info.

Port Forwarding

Configure your router and open up port 5100 to your InVS. If you don't have a static IP, you might want to setup DDNS as well.

Applicable Products

All InVS series products.