How do I setup DVR/NVR for XMEye app?

Make sure Cloud Access is enabled, then add your DVR/NVR by serial number, and you will be able to view it remotely using XMEye app. To get XMEye app onto your smartphone, please search for "xmeye" in the app store for your device (e.g. Google Play).

Enable Cloud Access

For security purpose, cloud access is not enabled by default. To enable it, you must have physical access to the DVR/NVR.

Connect a USB mouse to the DVR, right click anywhere on the screen to bring up the context menu. Click on Main Menu, you may need to login at this point. Navigate to System->NetService. Here you may configure which network service to enable. Double click on Cloud, then simply enable it.

If your DVR/NVR is still not accessible using XMEye app, check your internet connection and network settings. Did you forget to plug in the network cable? Are network settings correct (e.g. DHCP, Static IP)?

Port Forwarding

Configure your router and open up port 34567 to your DVR/NVR. If you don't have a static IP, you might want to setup DDNS as well.

Device Serial Number

The serial number can be found under Main Menu->Info->Version, it's 16 characters or longer, containing numbers and letters.

Applicable Models

IL-MX7100 Series 1080P Hrbrid DVR models IL-MX7104, IL-MX7108 and IL-MX7116
IL-MX7200 Series 720P Hybrid DVR models IL-MX7204, IL-MX7208 and IL-MX7216
IL-MX7300 Series NVR models IL-MX7304N, IL-MX7308N, IL-MX7324N, IL-MX7324N-4S, IL-MX7324N-8S

For your attention

There are many counterfeit NVR/DVR in the market, these counterfeit device's serial number cannot register in the cloud server, as a result, your XMEye app can't work properly when trying to connect. Please purchase authentic device from ILDVR distributors or 8ch NVR kit IL-MX7308N is available too.