How to select the right video recording system for your IP camera?

There are three types of Network Video Recorder (NVR) systems available in the market. They each have some advantages and disadvantages to consider.

1. Embedded NVR (standalone NVR)

Advantage is cheap, simple and easy to use. Disadvantage is poor display quality, slow response to operation, little features in software. Everything is fixed as it left factory, such as fixed channel number, fixed resolution to camera, fixed HDD capacity, not expandable. No web client to configure IP camera. Not suitable for today AI security surveillance system.

2. Intel x86 Platform NVR (PC based NVR, Linux OS or Windows OS )

Advantages include:

Multi-task system, not only a security NVR, it is also a full feature desktop computer. You can do whatever you want like your PC.

PC grade video display quality, much better than other NVR even set to same resolution.

Flexible and expandable system support unlimited channel number (max. 256ch per system), unlimited camera resolution, unlimited HDD capacity. Meet the needs of future.

Build in web client, configure IP camera parameters directly

Powerful software features such as Intelligent Video Analytics, POS machine integration and smart search. Best choice for Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition AI security system.

Support remote desktop operation such as Teamviewer, very convenient for tech-support after sale.

The disadvantage is expensive. But it is just like the old saying “you get what you pay for”

For your attention:

Not all PC Based NVR are suitable for large surveillance system (more than 32ch*1080P) because different software use different developing technology. Like ILDVR HVR Server software, it doesn’t embed GPU accelerated technology, it uses CPU resource. So the system CPU usage is very high. If you add more cameras in the system, it become slowly and easy to crash. Currently most NVR software in the market does not embed GPU accelerated technology.

ILDVR InVS and HVC have embedded GPU accelerated technology. The system CPU usage is very low, so the system is very stable and reliable, thus the system has a lot of CPU resource to do multiple tasks simultaneously.

3. NAS, IP SAN or Cloud Server system

These services record the video on a remote server. The amount of cameras is limited by the outbound bandwidth of your network. Usually use for commercial service or huge surveillance system. Advantage is reliable, flexible and scalable Disadvantage is very expensive. The remote server is only storage. You need buy another VMS system to preview and playback the video. For some cloud server, customer might pay monthly service fee.

What is the right IP recording system for you? Here are important things to consider:

1. Single task or multiple tasks

If you want to just have a record of someone who broke in and stole something, pick up standalone NVR, it is the best choice. But now CCTV is becoming more than just security. You can have more add-on features and don’t increase additional cost. You need to consider how to expand the value of investment.

2. H.265 or H.264?

Remember that H.264 will soon go out of date.

3. Recording Resolution

Conforming to technological trends is important. Camera resolution is going up, but price is going down. Smart selection is unconstrained resolution NVR which support all resolutions of IP cameras.

4. Decoding Capability and Smart Search

Decoding capability function directly defines how many cameras can be played back simultaneously. Smart Search makes it easy to locate the actual footage when an event happened.

4. Alert (alarm) Notification Method

Alert notification method and its accuracy are very important in an efficient system. Motion Detection Alarm and email notification are common used in most NVR systems right now, but there are too many false alarm notifications created by motion detection, a lot of trash email is an annoying issue. To overcome this challenge, IVA Alarm Push Notification is the best choice in the present.

6. Stable and reliable

No any vendor does not claim their NVR the most stable and reliable. What’s the standard? Here it is: A stable NVR system MUST have both hardware watch dog and software watch dog to prevent system freezing. A reliable NVR system MUST support RAID function to prevent recorded data lost in case of HDD failure.

7. Will you need to add more cameras as time goes on?

It is the key to select the right NVR. Not only the camera amounts you need to consider, but also the camera resolution in the future. Today you can buy 2MP camera, some day later you can take 5MP camera by spending equal money.

8. IVA Software function

The most helpful function in software is Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). A good surveillance system can bring benefits not just in terms of security and monitoring, but also in wider business operations and analytics.

How to use a CCTV system to improve customer service?

The IVA software function can identify that the queue for the till has exceeded a certain amount and that customers have been waiting over a certain amount of time. With this type of solution you can instantly understand where customer service is required, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately sales. Automatic alerts (Alarm Push Notification) can be sent to notify staff that standard customer wait time has been exceeded.

How to use a CCTV system for improving sales?

Moving People Counting can clearly identify the numbers of customers that walk into and come out a store or a certain area in the store within any time period. This useful and actionable information compared against sales, retailers can assess the rate of conversion and the best times of day for promotions.

Face Recognition can be used to estimate attributes such as the gender and age of shoppers. This capability can allow business owners to better understand the profile of their shoppers and implement more targeted advertising to their target market.
ILDVR InVS build in with 7 types of IVA functions: Face Detection, Intrusion Detection, Object Counting, Missing Object Detection, Unattended Object Detection, Movement Direction Detection, Tripwire Detection are widely used all over the world.