How to use IP Matrix TV-wall?

IP Matrix is a kind of simple network client software. It supports 8-monitor outputs and each monitor can display 16 cameras at same time. If use switch viewing feature, it can support much more cameras in hundreds and thousands.

For IP Matrix TV-client, the video server could be different type of software. Currently there are 5 software support IP Matrix. They are Hybrid DVR Server, Live Center, CMS Central Server, CMS E-map and CMS Client. One video server supports up to 6 IP matrix connections at same time.

The greatest advantage of IP Matrix is that it supports all kind of video resources, no matter of iHVR (PC-DVR), NetDVR and mega pixel cameras.

IP Matrix software has 2 typical usages: a. Construct IP Matrix TV-Wall in large scale surveillance system. b. Install together with other software to make multiple monitor outputs in small surveillance system.

  1. To enable IP Matrix TV-wall in Live Center, just setup it “Enable” in setup interface. To enable IP Matrix TV-wall in DVR Server, you must connect at least 2 monitors to activate the item of “Multi-Screen Setup” in the right-click menu.
  2. Live Center and CMS software support drag&drop to display cameras to operate IP Matrix. Hybrid DVR server doesn’t have this feature.
  3. To use IP Matrix, you just install the IP Matrix software in a computer, run the program, setup connection IP address and port number.