Large IP Matrix --Video Wall Controller


  • Embedded Linux-based system, GPU Hardware decoding.
  • Support up to 20 monitors (20 HDMI video outputs)
  • Each monitor supports max. 16 cameras.
  • Each sub-window supports up to 16 camera connections via switch viewing.
  • Support multiple types of video sources from InVS, HVR, NVR and DVR
  • Support synchronous video and audio. Ideal video decoder for TV-Wall output.
  • InVS, InCS and HVR software pre-programmable management, friendly user interface, easy to use, support drag&drop display arrangement.

Typical Models

  • IPMX-4108H, output 8x HDMI monitors
  • IPMX-4112H, output 12x HDMI monitors
  • IPMX-4116H, output 16x HDMI monitors
  • IPMX-4120H, output 20x HDMI monitors
  • More models are available


IPMX-41xxH Specification
Model Name IPMX-4108H IPMX-4112H IPMX-4116H IPMX-4120H
Hardware Platform Intel x86 embedded motherboard
Operating System Linux embedded CentOS
CPU 4x Intel Celeron 6x Intel Celeron 8x Intel Celeron 10x Intel Celeron
Memory 4x 4GB 6x 4GB 8x 4GB 10x 4GB
Video Output 8 HDMI 12 HDMI 16 HDMI 20 HDMI
Ethernet Port 4x 1000Mbps RJ45 port 6x 1000Mbps RJ45 port 8x 1000Mbps RJ45 port 10x 1000Mbps RJ45 port
USB Port 4x 4USB 6x 4USB 8x 4USB 10x 4USB
Decode Capability 36ch @1080P 54ch @1080P 72ch @1080P 90ch @1080P
Display Resolution Self adapted, supports 1920*1080/1680*1050/1280*1024/1024*768
Split View Each monitor support 1/4/9/16
Audio Output HDMI or Analog audio output
Video Input Network streaming video
Video Standard H.265 / H.264
Video Resolution 12M, 4K(8M), 6M, 5M, 3M, 1080p, 960P, 720p, D1(4CIF)
Frame Rate 50Hz: 1 - 25fps, 60Hz: 1 - 30fps
Power Supply AC110-240V / 200W
Working Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Operation Humidity 10% ~ 90%, no-condensing
Dimensions 440mm×630mm×290mm (W×D×H), 6U rackmount case
Weight ≤ 46 kg