Analog HD Solution

Analog HD (Analog High Definition) is a new generation of HD-over-coaxial technology that enables transmission of high definition video over coaxial cable. Latest cameras employ CMOS sensors and DSPs to achieve 720p progressive scan images without motion blur and display latency. For available AHD cameras, please visit our AHD camera catalog.

AHD DVR demo is now available.

ILDVR AHD solution provides customers with a comprehensive software suite at unmatched price-efficiency. For managing and recording multiple AHD DVRs, ILDVR offers Hybrid Server, Live Center, or the InVS system for advanced video analysis and high performance needs. The following illustration shows a surveillance system with multiple AHD DVRs and cameras with multiple viewers.

ILDVR AHD Solution Illustration

ILDVR HVR software and InVS system empowers AHD cameras with all the features of IP cameras, such as advanced motion detection, video analytics, fast playback and more. If you are already an existing ILDVR customer using DVR cards, now is the best time to upgrade your security system than ever.