Hybrid DVR Server

Also called HVR (Hybrid Video Recorder), capable of recording and displaying up to 64 cameras.

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Hybrid video resources

Support all types of video resource.
  • Traditional analog camera
  • Standard D1 resolution IP camera
  • Megapixels IP camera
  • Megapixels HD-SDI camera
  • Streaming video from video server
  • Streaming video from NetDVR


  • Up to 64 channels of video input through DVR card and/or IP, hybrid or independent
  • Every channel real-time full-motion video display and recording (30fps)
  • Every channel synchronous audio monitoring and recording
  • Continuous record
  • Event record with motion detect or external sensors

Alarm & Trigger

  • Up to 32-ch alarm-in and 32-ch alarm-out
  • Multi-zone motion detect (up to 12 zones per channel); support private mask
  • Multiple ways of alarm notification including SMS text message, email, E-map,etc.

Mobile phone

  • iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Sybian OS

Common Features

  • Support digital watermark, prevent binary programs from editing recorded video
  • Control and manage relay out (D/O)
  • Control PTZ on screen and by keyboard
  • Edit and burn recorded video onto CD/DVD
  • Embedded VoIP
  • Output to IP Matrix TV-wall
  • Log system events and alarms

Devices & Integration

  • Compatible with IP cameras from major brands like Sony, Axis, Mobotix
  • Compatible with ONVIF / RSTP protocol IP cameras
  • Integrate with POS/ATM machine; transaction text data overlay
  • Integrate with access control; ID card number overlay

Video Analytics & Events Management

  • Face recognition
  • Object Counting
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Tripwire Detection
  • Movement Direction Detection
  • Unattended Object Detection
  • Missing Object Detection

User Management

  • Multiple user levels
  • Define user access by operation and configuration rights