Intelligent Network Video Server

Cross-platform Realtime Streaming

Live View allows you to watch up to 144 channels in real time thanks to hardware GPU decoding. It works on mobile devices too, so you can stay on top of everything no matter where you are.

Live View Control & Instant Playback

Camera panel shows current recording status of all cameras. You can adjust camera image, control PTZ and DI/DO, and set up video analytics for autonomous monitoring. Plus you can use instant playback to check out what just happened a moment ago without going into playback.

Live Video Analytics

  • Movement direction: ensure people and objects move in a predefined direction.
  • Tripwire: detect whether people or objects have crossed a predefined virtual fence.
  • Intrusion detection: monitor a predefined area for intrusion.
  • Unattended object detection: any object that's removed or missing from a predefined area triggers the alarm.
  • People counting: count how many people pass through a predefined virtual door.
  • Face detection: capture faces that appear and archive for later review.

Total PTZ Control

Live View allows you to easily operate PTZ in all directions, plus you can call preset, tour, and patrol. InVS supports PTZ via the ONVIF standard protocol as well.

Precise and Efficient Playback

Icon search can split up any period of recording into 16 smaller periods for simultaneous playback, so you can browse through recordings much more quickly and efficiently. Next Frame control lets you playback frame by frame to scrutinize the smallest changes. When searching through large amount of data, you can save time by filtering with a time of day.

Alarm Linkage

InVS can manage both data in and digital output when IP cameras are equipped with such interfaces. Alarm linkage can be setup to trigger other cameras, such as calling PTZ to a certain preset. You can control DI/DO easily from the Live View. Moreover, the InVS mobile app also supports digital output control.