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Video Management Software (VMS) for small and medium size surveillance systems capable of handling extensive data over the network

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  • Support up to 64 connections of video devices compatible with InVS, HVR, NVR, DVR and IP Video Server
  • Remote configure all video devices
  • Remotely playback all video devices
  • Stream video to web client
  • Automatically adapt to low and high network speed


  • Save streaming video to local HDD
  • Recording for data redundancy
  • Record and playback up to 64 channels
  • Continuous record
  • Event record with motion detect or external sensors

Alarm Notification

  • Two levels of electronic map: overview and detailed
  • Automatically stream video upon receiving alarm

Common Features

  • Remote PTZ control
  • Save PTZ control presets
  • Remote control relay out (DI/DO)
  • Monitor audio
  • Embedded VoIP
  • Support IP Matrix TV-wall
  • Log system events and alarms

Outstanding features

  • 8 monitors output:
  • First monitor preview and playback video
  • Second monitor E-map manage alarm devices
  • Third to eighth monitor function as TV-out

Data & Events Management

  • Search by date and channel
  • Search by motion events and sensor triggers
  • Search by objects (smart search)
  • Search by POS/ATM machine data
  • Search by ACU data