iHVR (Hybrid Server) - Supported IP Cameras

Supported IP Cameras by Other Brands

Brand name Model name
ACTi 1011, 11XX, 12XX, 13XX, 14XX, 15XX, 30XX, 31XX, 32XX, 33XX, 34XX, 35XX, 36XX, 37XX, 40XX, 41XX, 42XX, 5001, 56XX, 57XX, 58XX, 74XX, 75XX
Amax / Y-cam All series
Arecont Vision AV1300DN, AV1305DN, AV1310DN, AV1355DN, AV2100DN, AV2105DN, AV2110DN, AV2155DN, AV3100DN, AV3105DN, AV3110DN, AV3130, AV3155DN, AV5100DN, AV5105DN, AV5110DN, AV5155DN, AV8180, AV8185DN, AV8360, AV8365DN
AXIS 206, 207, 212, 214W, M1011, M1011-W, M1031-W, M1054, M1103, M-1104, M1113, M1114, M3011, M3014, M3113-R, M3114-R, M3203, M3204, M7001
Bosch All series
Camtron CTMV-5341S, CTMV-5341F, CTMV-5362S, CTMV-5362F, CTMV-5362A, CTMV-6371S, CTMV-6371F, VRCD-5304, VRCD-5343, VRCD-5351, VRCD-5357, VRCD-5361, VRCD-5365, VRCD-6351, VRCD-6352, VRCD-6353, VRCD-6354, VRCD-6371, VRCD-6372, VRCD-6373, VRDD-5302, VRDD-5309, VRDD-5355, VRDD-5305(IR), VRDD-5351(IR), VRDD-5343(IR), VRDD-5357(IR), VRDD-5361(IR), VRDD-5365(IR), VRDD-6301(IR), VRDD-6371(IR), VRDD-6372(IR), VRDD-6373(IR), VRDD-6351(IR), VRDD-6352(IR), VRDD-6353(IR), VRDD-6354(IR)
Dahua All series
Hikvision All series
Huviron SK-N490XAL, SK-N490XAL/DN, SK-N590XAL
Mobotix M1, M10, M12, M22, M24
Panasonic All series
SANYO VCC-HD2100/2300/2500/3500/4600/5400/5600, VDC-HD3100/3300/3500
SONY SNC-DM110/160, SNC-CM120
VIVOTEK FD7131/7132, FD7141, FD8161, IP7131/7132, IP7133/7134, IP7135/7137, IP7138/7139, IP7142, IP7151/7152, IP7161, IP7300, IP7330, IP7133, SD7151
ONVIF / RTSP camera All IP cameras that support ONVIF or RTSP protocol

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