3000H4C+ Series


  • 3000H4C+4
  • 3000H4C+8
  • 3000H4C+16

Key Features:

State-of-the-art digital video technology, invincible image quality and true color reproducing, up to 64 channels CIF/D1 video & audio realtime record in one PC. Support dynamic convert 2ch of CIF to 1ch of D1 for full frame D1 resolution recording. Mobile DVR support Sybian, Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows mobile.


Model 3000H4C+4 3000H4C+8 3000H4C+16
Video Input 4 ch or 2 ch 8 ch or 4 ch 16 ch or 8 ch
Audio input 4 / 2 8 / 4 16 / 8
Compression H.264 (Hardware support)
Video Format PAL / NTSC
Displaying speed Every channel PAL:25fps@D1, NTSC: 30fps@D1
Recording Speed Every channel PAL: 25fps, NTSC: 30fps
Picture Resolution DCIF: 528x384@32bit true color
D1:704x576@32bit true color
Bit Rate 32 ~ 2048 Kbps per channel
Dual-stream Yes
Motion Detect Yes
Watermark Yes
DI/DO Yes (Selected)
PTZ Control Yes
Network Connection LAN / PSTN / ISDN / ADSL / Internet
OS Windows all platform (both 32 bit and 64 bit)

More Information:

For system features and functions, please refer to Hybrid DVR Server.