3000HT Series


  • 3008HT (Full frame D1)
  • 3016HT (Full frame D1)

Key Features:

State-of-the-art digital video technology, invincible image quality and true color reproducing, up to 64 channels D1 video & audio realtime record in one PC. Mobile DVR support Sybian, Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows mobile.


Model 3008HT 3016HT
Video Input 8 ch 16 ch
Audio input 8 16
TV-out 1 1
VGA-out 1 0
Compression H.264 (Hardware support)
Video Format PAL / NTSC
Displaying speed Every channel PAL:25fps@D1, NTSC: 30fps@D1
Recording Speed Every channel PAL: 25fps, NTSC: 30fps
Picture Resolution D1:704x576@32bit true color
Bit Rate 32 ~ 2048 Kbps per channel
Dual-stream Yes
Motion Detect Yes
Watermark Yes
DI/DO Yes (Selected)
PTZ Control Yes
Network Connection LAN / PSTN / ISDN / ADSL / Internet
OS Windows all platform (both 32 bit and 64 bit)

More Information:

For system features and functions, please refer to Hybrid DVR Server.