Analog HD Dome Camera

Your Choice of Features

  • New generation Analog HD (Analog High Definition) CCTV solution products. Enjoy recording at 1920*1080 pixels in real time. Analog HD cameras offer as much as 2.0 effective megapixels, superior than 1300TVL in every pixel.
  • Longer distance video transmission. With up to 500 meters (1600 ft) transmission through RG59 coaxial cable, you can transmit video 5x longer than HD-SDI camera through coaxial cable, and IP camera through network cable.
  • True real-time video. No image lag. No display latency.
  • 3 DNR Technology (Digital Noise Reduction) produces brighter and richer images during the day, clearer and smoother images during the night.
  • Built-in high powered IR Array LED. Impressive nightvision and 10x working lifespan than traditional IR LED.
  • Backward compatible hardware solution. Analog HD cameras are compatible with existing coaxial cable. DVRs are compatible with traditional analog camera and network camera. Affordable, effortless, and simple to use.
  • All Analog HD cameras build with 4-in-1 signals, AHD / TVI / CVI / CVBS configurable. Easy to use.

Comprehensive Solution

We offer customers with a comprehensive software suite at unmatched price-efficiency. For details on hardware and software structure design, please visit Analog HD solution.

Actual Video Footage

Here is an actual video recording made with our latest Analog HD camera and IMH-D Series Hybrid DVR. Note that the embedded video is reduced to half of its size, please click on the full screen button to enjoy the video at its full size.


Reasons for Choosing Analog HD

If you already have an existing surveillance system that uses traditional analog cameras, upgrading to Analog HD (Analog High Definition) is only a matter of replacing cameras! After installing the camera, connect the other end of coaxial cable to our Hybrid DVR. For recording and management, you can choose to record with the Hybrid DVR, or record with our powerful surveillance software such as Hybrid Server, Live Center, or even the InVS system for advanced video analysis and high performance needs.

Still not convinced? There are a couple of additional advantages when you choose our Analog HD solution. We can ensure real time recording at full HD (1920*1080 pixels), there won't be any image lag or display latency, and no video frame will ever be lost during transmission. Unlike IP cameras, Analog HD cameras do not clog up your network bandwidth because the signals are transmitted over coaxial cable. Analog HD cameras also save you from buying extra network equipments such as routers and switches, and of course the trouble of configuring the network.

Analog HD cameras is also more reliable than IP cameras when it comes to motion recording. Sometimes the IP camera maybe fail to send out motion alarm thus causing record loss, or video frames might get lost when the network gets congested. Since the DVR takes care of motion detection and all data are reliably transmitted over coaxial cable, you will never experience record loss with Analog HD camera and DVR.